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Random Shots

Tres Amigos.

Copper Creek, Arizona, April 28, 2006

Mount Lemon - Tucson, Arizona May 07

Riding to the Total Wreck Mine, January 07

Inside the Total Wreck Mine - awesome!

The Trusty Total Vision® Tundra.
With a four camera off road system, ready to go.

Top of the hill at Copper Creek in the Galiuros.

Sam back in the hills of Copper Creek area.
Tailing shute in the background.
All that's left of the mansion at Copper Creek.

Hong Kong Harbor Junque, April 9, 2006

I Love You Cafe - Hong Kong, April, 07.
'When she looking you eye, don't lie please.'
The Red Dragon tug boat in Hong Kong Harbor, April, 07.
You can't see the rope but he was actually pulling a water skier! (OK, not really) That's a great idea, it would be fun to see how many water skiers you can pull up behind a tug boat. This guy had some horsepower!

Wild Blue Yonder in a 421, turning base on the right.

Good luck with that Sam... he actually made it.
I took the easy way.

Lake Powell, Sept 06. That's a 45 foot houseboat at the bottom of the photo on the left. Spectacular place.
This camping spot is about 2/3rds the way up Iceburg Canyon, just north of the Escalante Arm. The Trusty Total Vision ski, fish and dive boat is on the right. It has a transom camera. Perfect for checking for people in the water next to the outdrive before starting the engine. Also great for pulling skiers. You can check the skier on the monitor ever so often, while keeping your eyes forward looking for traffic and not twisting the heck out of your neck every two minutes. Very good for necks that have seen one too many face plants at 50mph trying to barefoot!

A great camping spot, about a mile up the Escalante Arm. Kind of spooky at night, but great. The little thing at the water line, left of center, is a 45 foot houseboat. The green patch is it's own little ecosystem with a fresh water spring, bats, birds and things that go bump in the night. I read that the water seeping out of the limestone took hundreds or thousands of years to filter down through the rocks. Don't know about that, it didn't taste that old. : )

I just had an interesting thought. Even though it's been evaporated, reformed, frozen, thawed and evaporated again several million times, this is the same water that's been around since the beginning of the earth, isn't it? I think water may be the most amazing substance on earth, or in the top 5 anyway. Think about it, what other substance on earth is able to re-vitalize and purify itself over and over and over, many millions of times and still be capable of being as pure as it was (or wasn't) all those billions of years ago? Amazing. The air in the atmosphere would be in the same catagory. Just like water, it can return to pristine, if we stop polluting the hell out of it.

This is what we called 'the arch'. Just enough room inside for our 21 foot boat. We caught about 30 stripers out of this spot. Your own private parking garage, out of the sun, and all the fish you can catch. Add some cold beer - too nice!

Well, they weren't all big ones.

Brushy Canyon Trip Sept 07

Dragonfly at Brushy Canyon Tank. The white area inside the eyes are the optic nerves. The wings are too cool, you wad them up and they spring back in perfect shape. Really cool insect.
Nobody does it like Mother Nature.
Picked up a rock and found this little guy. An Arizona hamster. Pet carefully. OK, don't.
Ahhhh, grasshopper!
One more shot of Brushy Canyon. Adieu until next time. Great photos Sally!

Let's go.

Dacite Cliffs, Superstition Mountains, Arizona


How to save your marriage for $49.00, or the Trilogy of the Ring.

Here's a quick true story. In May my friend Sam and I took our quads to an interesting place in the mountains south of Tucson. We packed a lunch and took off on the trail south of Green Valley, Arizona.

We spent a couple of hours riding up the trail, encountering some challenging stretches like the one below;

Tough enough to make it fun. Went most of the way to the top where we found what was left of a mine that was probably a hundred years old or more. That was where we stopped for lunch. When I pulled off my gloves, I took off my wedding ring because it was digging into my hand and put it in my pocket. We found a spot on top of some tailings, had some lunch and some wine, and had one of those conversations you only have with good friends when you're miles from nowhere. Wasn't about anything in particular, it was just relaxed and enjoyable and the damn cell phone wasn't ringing. After lunch we went back to the quads and headed back down the mountain. On the way we found some big cat tracks, javalina tracks, etc. We went back to the place where we parked our trucks, loaded up the quads and went home.

All in all, a very enjoyable day in the great Southwestern Desert, until that evening when I reached in my pocket and realized my wedding ring wasn't there. Not good. My beautiful wife Judy and I have been married for a little over 3 months, and I had already lost my ring. Damn it Jim! The ring wasn't a fortune but it wasn't pocket change either, not to mention the greater intrinsic value. I knew I was in deep doo-doo. I told her I lost the ring and lets just say she wasn't too happy about it., I couldn't blame her. .

A couple of days later I bought a metal detector and the following Saturday, Sam and Judy and I headed back to the area. I knew it had to be either where we parked the trucks, or up near the top where we stopped for lunch. Those are the only two places I reached into my pocket where the ring was, for keys. So, we got up at 3AM in the morning to beat the heat, and hauled buttocks down to the trail entrance, again.

We checked the area where we parked the first trip and found nothing but old nails and old rusty cans. Dang it, I thought it would be there. So we packed up some food and water and headed up the trail. When we went up a week ago we took our time, stopping here and there to enjoy the place, it took maybe two hours. It's actually a very interesting and unique area, great geology and just plain beautiful and kind of intriguing. Anyway, this time we made a bee-line for the site in an effort to beat the heat, and made about 8-10 miles of rough trail in about half an hour.

We got to the previous spot where we parked the quads for lunch, I took the metal detector off the rack and turned it on. I waved it over a nail on the ground and it beeped like it should. I walked over to the place where I had parked my quad a week earlier, and waved it over the approxiamate spot where I stood when I pulled the quad key out of my pocket. The detector beeped again! I reached down, raked my fingers through the dirt and bam!, the ring popped out like a prize in a Cracker Jack box! Too nice! It took about 3 minutes. Lucky or what?? Needless to say, I was a happy guy and Judy was a happy lady. Later that day I bought some lottery tickets since I was on a roll. I should have known you only get that lucky once in a while.

While we were there, we also helped an adventurous lady with a mountain bike fix her flat tire and sent her on her way, hopefully to the top. She said it was her fourth try to get to the top, I hope she made it. I can't remember her name. It's that 'old' thing again. As soon as the summer heat cools off a little we'll be out there on the quads again, doing that 'carpe diem' thing, like I hope you will be. Happy Trails.

The End

Definitely ski-30.

Speaking of ski-30, here are some photos of our last trip to Lake Pleasant up by Phoenix.


North end of Lake Pleasant. Got there Friday morning 6-10-10. Unusually cool temps, very nice.

Lakes are made for kids (OK, and old guys too). A plastic bucket and some water, they're good for hours.

OK, let's teach some how to ski.

There's row boats and there's tow boats.

You have to watch out for sea monsters, lest they jump on board and swamp the boat.

The expert crew is ready to assist!

Nothing like a lake smile.

Mom shows'em how it's done. Go for it Angie!


More adventures are on the way.


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