Camera systems for truck and trailer combinations of all kinds. Be it horses, race cars or cargo, we can build you a system to make it all easier, safer and faster.

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SL-1 TrailerCam

The SL-1 is adjustable, durable (cast alloy housing) and waterproof. It gives you a great view behind the trailer and makes passing much easier and safer. Monitor view is to the right.

SL-1 TrailerCam - Monitor View

If you look carefully at the image, at the bottom you'll see the entire width of the rear bumper (the black line). At the rear bumper this camera can see the width of the trailer, plus about 6 feet plus on either side, and can see about 150 feet to the rear for spotting traffic. Basically eyes in the back of your head, er, trailer. We can also do muliple systems with one or more cameras inside the trailer to keep an eye on horses, cargo, etc., and a camera on the tailgate or cab stop light for hooking up.


GooseCam™ monitor view is to the right. Makes hooking up goosecams or 5th wheels a 'no help needed' affair. Notice how much you would see to the rear of the vehicle when the trailer is not hooked up.

This system utilizes a color CCD camera installed inside your trucks cab light. Available for all popular trucks (some require a one week lead time). Low, almost no profile, this gives you an excellent birds eye view or your gooseneck or 5th wheel connection when hitching and is great for rear vision in general when the trailer is not on. Pricing depends on make and model, please call for pricing, ball park is about $269.00 for the complete camera and light assembly. Much cheaper if you take your light assembly off and send it to us. Usually a two to three day turn around in that situation.

If you're tired of damaging your equipment and missing it "by this much", then the GooseCam™system is for you.


The center light is the stock interior light. The light on the left is optional and is added when the camera is installed. It is hooked up to the running lights so when you pull on the running lights there is plenty of light in the trailer. The camera IR lights work well, but the bigger light floods the area with a soft light that makes it easier to see the horses in the outer stalls. Monitor view is to the right. Just like you were standing there in the stall with them. This shot was taken during the day.


With this system the camera is placed inside the trailer looking down on the horses. The camera is housed in a durable cast aluminum, anodized, water resistant housing. They are washable and come with very sensitive microphones so you can hear your animals as well as see them. Towing at night most people darken the screen until the horse's image is just barely visible, to reduce light from the monitor, and turn up the sound. One less thing to worry about, especially if there are special circumstances involved such as injury, regnancy or foals. Especially good for long distance trips. You don't have to stop, get out, and look everytime the trailer shifts!

When you hit the road, give your nerves and your animals a break. Enjoy the peace of mind and unparalleled safety of this great system!


There is a camera inside the tailgate spoiler of this Tundra. To see the view from it, go to Products/Truck and SUV. Also for most years of Chevy, Ford and Dodge trucks. Complete kits and pricing coming soon.

When you hit the road, the combination of sight and sound are hard to beat when your peace of mind and the welfare of your animals is at stake. Add the convenience of instant hitchability to that and you have an unbeatable combination.

More information, complete kits, pricing and the ability to buy on-line are coming very soon. Please contact us with special requests or questions. Thanks.



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