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To see more of Don's FJ, with what may be the most advanced FJ off road video system in the country, as seen in the photo below, please visit his site to see more on the build at




Multi camera systems for racing and off-road applications. More info on those will be coming soon.

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Please see below for pricing. Coming soon, custom tailored systems for FJ Cruisers, Jeeps, Land Rovers, and more.

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Total Visionģ Products presents the first multi-camera system tailored specifically for the 98-04 Toyota Tacoma. This kit is a 5-camera video system (with an optional 6th camera) for off road Tacomas that will allow you to see virtually any area above, under, inside, or around your vehicle. 

The kit includes the following cameras and features:


 Beginning at the front, the NoseCam in this kit is a compact, watertight, color camera that has great resolution and a wide-angle lens for maximum field of view. It is mounted on the front of the truck, looking down at about a 45 degree angle. Its main purpose is to act as a spotter when cresting very steep hills or mountains when on unfamiliar terrain. Now when you approach the top of a really steep hill or mountain and canít see anything but hood and sky, instead of sending a spotter out, or doing the impossible and setting the brake and crawling out yourself to see down the other side of the hill, all you have to do is switch to the NoseCam and youíll be able to see whatís on the other side. Pretty much like having a spotter strapped to your front bumper as you crest the hill, only without the screaming. Also great for parallel parking, and not hitting things in the garage.


  Next we have the front axle camera or FaxCam as we call them. The front axle camera is a bullet type camera, black and white, high resolution, watertight, that also has a wide-angle lens for maximum view. Since itís under the truck with the stumps and the rocks, it has replaceable lens covers in case you break one. It bolts to the middle cross member area (see photo) looking forward at the back side of the front wheels, axles and skid plate. Its purpose is to see the terrain underneath your front wheels and to see if you are clearing objects or what you have hung up on. This system has been on Chris's Tacoma for 4+ years (note the rock damage to the crossmember), with zero problems. The crazier you get with rock crawling, the more you need cameras on your rig.   

  Next we have the rear axle camera or RaxCam. The rear axle camera is the same type of camera as the front axle camera except it has a lens with a smaller field of view. The reason for that is the RaxCam is considerably further away from the rear wheels than the front axle camera is from the front wheels and sees the area better with a smaller field of view. Its purpose is also to see terrain, rocks and ruts under the vehicle and is also very useful to see if you are going to hang up on the frame as you rock over the crest of the steep hill or rock pile you just ascended. The whole point is to put eyes where you need them.  


  Next we have the TailCam. The TailCam camera is a newly developed camera design that we call a UBC camera. That stands for umbilical cord camera. This design separates the ccd device and lens from the camera circuit board. This results in a very small component that looks out through body panels, mounts etc., for vehicles where a low or no profile system is desired*. These color cameras use the latest Sony ExView chip technology, which yield high resolution and excellent processing with very good low light performance. This is the most frequently used camera for everyday driving. It is superb for hooking up trailers if you tow (get it right the first time), and very convenient, not to mention much safer, for  backing up in general, parallel parking, or seeing if you are going to back off, or into, the mountain (or the Subaru) when turning around in tight quarters. We will soon offer a wide variety of stealthy systems for just about every truck and SUV out there. Please stay tuned.   

  By the way, the UBC in this photo is a prototype. The current UBC's have a black anodized housing that makes them all but disappear in the black tailgate handle.   

   *No need for that on your trail rig you say? No problem, we are developing many less concealed and less expensive  choices. 

   The last camera on our demo system is the 5th, optional camera, which is included at no charge with our introductory system. This camera is also a bullet type black and white camera, which comes with universal mounting brackets and any length of cable you want up to 25 feet, so you can put it anywhere you desire. This system also comes pre-wired to accept a sixth camera. Our company demonstrator 02 Tundra has the fifth camera located on the driver's side front, looking from the side at the skid plate. With this view (we'll post photos of the Tundra system at a later date and have kits available for Tundras around the first of the year) you can watch objects as they go under the truck so you can see if they are going to clear the skid plate before you drive over them. In retrospect, this could be one of the most useful views in the system, so we are fabricating a bracket for this location and are including it in the Tacoma kit for those who want it, at no extra charge for the introductory systems. 





The monitor on this system is a 7 inch wide, TFT, or active matrix monitor. If you already have a monitor in your vehicle that's a good thing, as placement of any monitor inside a Tacoma cab can be difficult. The monitor placement you see in this vehicle is not possible in many vehicles, since many donít have a handhold mount on the left windshield pillar. We believe the best of all possibilities for the Tacoma and many other vehicles, is an in-dash monitor. In the near future we will offer in-dash, motorized heads (single DIN) that will display the camera video as well as play CDís and DVDís and/or have inputs for same, and display GPS information from your GPS unit. If you don't need or want the supplied monitor, we'll sell you the system without a monitor naturally. Please see pricing below. If you need a monitor with your system and canít or donít want to mount it in the location shown, please call us and together we'll figure out where to mount it. We also have excellent 5.6 inch monitors.


    Next is the switching system.  This consists of an on/off switch (left rocker button in lower left of photo) and a six position rotary switch (to the right of the rocker) that only delivers power to the camera being viewed. This reduces heat buildup and extends the life of each camera. We can also add a second video out for recording your adventures with a camcorder or DVR.

  We now have 8-camera digital switchers that are possibly the most advanced in the industry. We will publish a complete list of features very soon. Aside from 8 inputs (and stackable), they also have a V2 output which is programmable to follow V1, or, stay on any camera you tell it too. Great for navigators, or passengers who want to be a little more involved. These also carry audio, which is also programmable to stay on any given camera. That's mostly for people who haul horses. More details coming soon.


* Toyota Tacoma 5 Camera Introductory Offer *


5 Camera system with dash-mount monitor -  $1,090.00


5 Camera system without monitor -  $795.00   

  After a long absense of updates concerning our off road systems, we are back. Look for new systems and pricing coming to this page and all of our web site in the next few weeks, including the ability to buy parts and systems directly from the site. Thank you very much for your patience. Please call us or email us if you have any questions.

Please feel free to email us at, or call us at 520-623-0790 with questions or suggestions concerning any of our products. We are outdoor and off-road enthusiasts and our goal is to help improve the off-road experience with new and innovative products. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and endeavor to build the best products available.


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